LMW at a glance

LMW is an HR company specializing in innovative and bespoke solutions. We are dedicated to creating work environments powered by people. Our goal is to help teams and professionals thrive. Our customized HR services and engaged support put your needs at the core of our values and ensure lasting success.

We were founded in 2013 with a vision to provide tailored and cost-effective Human Resources services. Since our inception, we’ve centred our operations around people while implementing internationally-established methods to enhance corporate efficiency. Today, the LMW group delivers innovative, tailored, and fully integrated solutions, meeting the dynamic needs of companies globally.

We are dedicated to reinforcing business structures and processes with a focus on Human Capital and Business Operations. Our experienced team offers consistent support with bespoke services that enhance your corporate position and reduce internal management costs. We provide comprehensive solutions that cover:

  • Employment services
  • International services
  • Talent Acquisition services
  • Consulting services

Our team of experts stands agile by your side to understand your needs. As your strategic partners, they design cost-effective, tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals and accomplish impactful results. Each department specializes in a key aspect of our services including:

  • Recruiting team
  • HR Operations team
  • Employee Relations team
  • Legal team
  • Payroll team
  • Consulting team

We constantly integrate leading solutions to enhance the human experience of the workplace. We strive for a future where HR fuels meaningful growth.

As your partner in navigating change, we seamlessly respond to any challenge, so you can move forward with the right strategies and confidence.
As your trusted HR partner in navigating change, LMW seamlessly responds to any challenge so you can move forward with the right strategies and confidence.

We foster connections built on mutual respect. At LMW, every voice is valued and empowered, creating spaces where empathy thrives, and success is a shared vision.

We are dedicated to your long-term prosperity. LMW is committed to providing transparent and fair pricing that supports your business’s growth and ensures financial sustainability for your future.


LMW-Christine Vantola

Christina Vantola

Founder & Managing Director
LMW-Theodora Karampatzaki

Theodora Karampatzaki

Partner, Chief Legal Officer
LMW-Antonis Papoulias

Antonis Papoulias

Partner, Chief Accountant
LMW-Annita Kolia

Annita Kolia

Partner, International Services Director
LMW-Panos Pezoulas

Panagiotis Pezoulas

HR Services Managing Partner
LMW-Charalampos Karamouzis

Charalampos Karamouzis

HR Services Managing Partner