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Benefits Alignment


Solving benefit inequalities internationally.


At LMW, we have a thorough understanding of local laws and cultural variations, and know how to navigate the complex process compliance with regional and country-specific regulations, whilst ensuring your benefits programme is received as equitable and fair wherever your employees are.


Our team of experts will assess the current benefits scheme of your organisation and proceed to benchmark the benefits according to international industry standards. We’ll then design the most effective benefits plan for relocated employees, that delivers the same value of benefits across borders and adheres to all relevant local and international regulations.


  • Standardize and coordinate employee benefits across multiple countries
  • Offer consistency and equity for your employees
  • Help talent attraction and retention
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Facilitate workforce mobility
  • Enhance employee experience


Effective and streamlined procedures

Efficient time management

Expertise in labour law

Extensive experience in employee relations

People-oriented, direct communication

Large Scale Recruitment

Organisational Analysis