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At LMW, helping our partners and customers succeed in their business pursuits is what drives us. We’ve built our reputation through our collaborative approach, unwavering commitment to fulfilling customer needs, and a relentless pursuit of quality. Discover first-hand the transformative impact our services have had on businesses like yours.


We approached LMW because of a requirement to support workforce who would be based in Greece.

LMW helped us by providing a solution exactly in line with our requirement with a professional and efficient approach, while clearly showing the specific local employment legislation knowledge and know how.

The result was that our workforce were up and running in a compact time frame.

Over the course of the working relationship, what we like the most is their willingness to work with us with a very collaborative approach.

We found the experience very positive and would recommend LMW without hesitation to people who need further assistance in Greece.


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LMW - Peifasyn success story

The need to improve our competitiveness and improve our performance led us to seek out the most effective ways to transform our business.

We selected LMW through a robust supplier evaluation process, which included receiving inputs from clients that have already successfully collaborated with LMW on HR projects.

The services provided by LMW included organisational analysis to uncover areas for improvement, as well as assessment of the potential of our leadership and employees, aiming towards a successful restructuring of our business operations.

LMW were able to highlight operational inefficiencies and coordination gaps among departments, which we addressed promptly. The benefits we witnessed included cost reduction, increased performance and improved customer service.

The advantages of working with LMW are many, including their innovative approach to uncover and analyse an organisation’s weaknesses, their guidance in finding solutions, their systematic support of implementing our goals, and their contribution in helping us to develop a positive environment for change through improved employee relations.

Because the need for improved efficiency and utilisation of resources is constant, we continue to work with LMW’s team counting on their ongoing support. We’d strongly recommend LMW across their services portfolio.

Pharmaceutical Cooperative of Piraeus (PEIFASYN)

PEIFASYN Group is a wholesale cooperative pharmaceutical company that deals in trade of medicines, personal hygiene, and veterinary products. It started in 1980 with 30 shareholding pharmacists and today that number has increased to 540, while the total number of affiliated pharmacies is 850.

CX Management

Initially we asked LMW to provide us HR Outsourcing services for our business needs. We were impressed by the range of the services and the well-structured processes which made obvious the professionalism of LMW.

These services were hard to find among the Greek companies and we are happy to cooperate with them.

Specifically, LMW delivers tailor made services for Outsourcing, Recruiting and Payroll with great response times and quality driven solutions.

We feel secure and we consider LMW as the EOR provider we can rely on. Our strategic partnership with LMW affects positively our daily and long-term processes due to the commitment and the expertise of the LMW team.

The competitive advantage of LMW is the dynamic structure of each service to provide effective outcome. Furthermore, their client service and full documentation of the processes are rated with the highest score because both are sharp and accurate. We hope that this collaboration will grow more as it is hard to find such partners.

We highly recommend LMW to any company that needs these HR and international services.


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Bunker & Trading

KPI OceanConnect (former KPI Bridge Oil) is a bunker & trading company operating globally, providing top quality services. For the strategic development of KPI OceanConnect, Greece was chosen to be a business station for the company’s operation in the Mediterranean region.

KPI was seeking for a reliable partner to assign the project of the Corporate Establishment in Greece, including all the required processes, from legal to staffing and operating.

After a long search, KPI concluded to LMW as one of the few companies in Greece which offers services of Corporate Establishment, Recruiting and HR Management.

When met with the team of LMW it became evident that the professionalism was not on individual basis only, but throughout the LMW organization. LMW initially provided a broad spectrum of services from Expat advise, Legal support, Accounting Support, Admin Support, Payroll management as well as initial Recruitment services.

All the above services are rated amongst the very best elsewhere in the world. We should mention that all the services and support rendered under Capital Control imposed in Greece.

Regarding their approach, we had a tailored made solution for any uprising challenge we faced. Knowledge and devotion to the objective led KPI OceanConnect to trust LMW. The honest and straight replies in any question we had ensured us that we have a solid partner in Greece, protecting us from the misunderstandings and business failures.

LMW’s competitive advantage is the broad range of expertise under one umbrella. Their replies/solutions were bespoke and in depth analysed, targeted to the result. And all with thorough background documentation.

We shall retain our firm relationship with LMW because we feel confidence relying on our stable cooperation. The personalization of the services and the in-depth knowledge of LMW on HR and Business Processes issues are the major factors that lead us to keep using LMW’s services.

Τhese are the reasons for unreservedly recommending LMW to other companies.

KPI OceanConnect

KPI OceanConnect is one of the world’s largest and most experienced independent marine fuels service and solutions providers, established by the merger of KPI Bridge Oil and OceanConnect Marine.


We reached out to LMW to help us identify operational bottlenecks that could be resolved to improve our position in the market.

In just a short amount of time and after a detailed assessment of our operations and processes accompanied with stakeholder interviews, LMW was able to uncover areas of concern and suggest solutions with measurable results.

Their professionalism was immaculate throughout and followed a very personalised approach, tailored to our company, but also taking into consideration the turbulence that our industry was undergoing at the time. This earned them the trust of the entire executive team of A Ismailos SA.

Throughout our collaboration LMW provided us with ongoing support, giving employees clear direction and tools to help them understand and implement the agreed roadmap of solutions.

LMW’s contribution has been instrumental in the transformation of the company so we can remain competitive even during recession.

We will certainly work with LMW in the future thanks to a great collaboration and the measurable benefits they delivered.

Mercedes-Benz A Ismailos SA

A. Ismailos S.A., authorized distributor and repairer of Mercedes-Benz & smart, has been a strong presence in the automotive field for the last 30 years.


We have worked with LMW for four years partnering in providing payroll/PEO services to our clients.

We have been extremely happy with their service and relationship. They are always very thorough, responsive and helpful.

We rely on LMW for their expert knowledge on payroll within Greece, they keep us updated with latest employment changes and legislation etc which is greatly appreciated by our clients as we are always one step ahead.

I would highly recommend LMW as a payroll/PEO provider.

Procorre Global

Procorre is a global management consultancy working in Information Technology, Cyber Security, Oil and Gas, Financial Services, Medical Devices and more.