International Services

Employer of Record (EOR)


Flexible and compliant workforce expansion across regions and countries in 3 steps.


International workforce expansions made easy. We navigate and manage the complexities of foreign employment, mitigating risks and ensuring legal compliance with our in-house Legal, HR and Finance departments. LMW directly hires personnel as the Employer of Record and manages the employment and payroll requirements on your behalf, including onboarding, hiring, employment contracts, payroll administration, employee relations, tax management and social contributions.


  1. Spot the talent you wish to hire
  2. Define employment terms
  3. LMW manages end-to-end the employment process


Instantly mobilise employees internationally, ensuring compliance and job satisfaction.


Personalised employee support through direct communication without the use of impersonal technology

Immediate hiring of employees and seamless employment coverage

Visa sponsorship can be provided for non-EU contries

Leverage international talent with reduced costs

Provide EOR as a benefit to your executives

Expertise in labour and tax law

HR Projects

Corporate Establishment