International Services

Corporate Establishment

Enter new markets with confidence, with guidance and support from local experts.

Successfully establish foreign operations

Establishing and maintaining a foreign office can be an important growth driver for any business. But to make foreign operations successful, you need to account for a host of considerations that may not apply to your domestic operations.

LMW has the resources and guidance to help you establish a project, presence, or operation abroad.

Navigate complexity with expert, local support

We specialize in corporate establishment services, helping clients to navigate the complexities of business formation outside their national boundaries.

Our team will provide expert assistance with legal compliance, accounting standards, documentation, and strategic planning to ensure a smooth and efficient establishment process.

Expedited, fully compliant establishment

No matter where in the world you plan your next business venture, LMW’s in-country teams of experts and extended global partner network will ensure you are fully compliant and operational, quickly and cost effectively.


Streamlined and simplified processes for business establishment and immigration

Full compliance with local and international legal, accounting, and labor frameworks

Transparent and fixed costs across our International Establishment services

Access to local networks and resources

Tailored, industry- and country- specific solutions

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